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Why BZ Waterproofing & Foundation Repair?

Water and moisture problems in basements are very common. Water problems can not only be annoying and uncomfortable, but can lead to significant health problems. Mold can grow in damp areas and beneath wall coverings. Handyman On Call can resolve your problems with quality and professional interior de-watering. Water can enter the home through the basement wall/floor joints, cracks in the foundation walls or holes created by faulty or decaying masonry or brick. Interior de-watering is the process containing water and then removing the water.

What Our Customers Say

On time, professional manner, executed their work safely. Had my roof repaired and then my ceiling with painting walls.

David Ceatham

The staff who worked on our house on the roof were courteous and professional and I was impressed with the speed and efficiency as well as the quality of their work. I was so impressed with the awesome job you did.

John Hueber, Wikki Gigante

Did a good job on the roof of the house.

Yvette, Larry Woods

I liked finding out what was really worry with my roof and get it fixed.

Leland Otto

The workers were proficient and knowledgeable in the work on my roof. I had a leaked roof and they did an excellent job.

Alex D. Allight

Billy took extra time to return roof shingling, first purchased and select shingles that other better matched home and shed. Thank you for excellent job.

Louise Zajdel and Michael

Waterproofing a home is the process used to eliminate or prevent water from seeping in and causing a wet basement.  Over time the foundation of a home settles which can cause cracking and shifting and means you have the possibility of water entering your home.
A few things that will help you determine if you need to have your home waterproofed are:

  • Musty smell in your basement
  • Condensation on the floor
  • Water stains on your basement walls or floor
  • Cracks in the interior or exterior walls
  • Presence of mold on the floor or walls

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, BZ Waterproofing & Foundation Repairs basement advisors are trained to diagnose the problem and provide a solution to keep your home dry.

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